• Kali 1.0.9a Released1

    Kali & NetHunter Security Release Fixes

    Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve seen a bunch of nasty bugs hit the scene, from shellshock to Debian apt vulnerabilities. As we prefer not to ship vulnerable ISOs, we’ve rolled up new images for our Kali Linux and NetHunter releases as well our Amazon AWS images with the relevant security fixes in place. These images correspond to Kali 1.0.9a and NetHunter 1.0.2 versions, now available for download through our mirrors.

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  • Kali 1.0.9 Released

    Kali Tools Website Launched, 1.0.9 Released

    Now that we have caught our breath after the Black Hat and DEF CON conferences, we have put aside some time to fix an annoying bug in our 1.0.8 ISO releases related to outdated firmware as well as regenerate fresh new ARM and VMware images (courtesy of Offensive Security) for our new 1.0.9 release. With this release come a few more updates worth mentioning:

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  • Kali 1.0 2.8 Released

    Kali Linux 1.0.8 Released with EFI Boot Support

    The long awaited Kali Linux USB EFI boot support feature has been added to our binary ISO builds, which has prompted this early Kali Linux 1.0.8 release. This new feature simplifies getting Kali installed and running on more recent hardware which requires EFI as well as various Apple Macbooks Air and Retina models. Besides the addition of EFI support, there is a whole array of tool updates and fixes that have accumulated over the past couple of months.

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  • Kali 1.0.7 Released

    Kali Linux 1.0.7 Released

    Kali linux 1.0.7 has just been released, complete with a whole bunch of tool updates, a new kernel, and some cool new features. Check out our changelog for a full list of these items. As usual, you don’t need to re-download or re-install Kali to benefit from these updates – you can update to the latest and greatest using these simple commands:

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  • Kali Meta Packages3

    Kali Linux Metapackages

    One of our goals when developing Kali Linux was to provide multiple metapackages that would allow us to easily install subsets of tools based on their particular needs. Until recently, we only had a handful of these meta packages but we have since expanded the metapackage list to include far more options.

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  • Kali In Cloud 3

    Kali Linux Amazon EC2 AMI

    After several weeks of “back and forth” with the Amazon EC2 team, Kali Linux has finally been approved into the Amazon EC2 marketplace. This means that our users can now activate and access Kali Linux instances in the Amazon cloud quickly and easily. We are “selling” these images on the marketplace for free, so other than the regular amazon charges, there no extras to pay. We have currently published a single 64 bit minimal instance of Kali Linux, which can be found in the marketplace by searching for “Kali Linux” or accessed via its direct link.

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