Kali Linux Community and Support Policy

Kali Linux Community Support

Kali Linux, through BackTrack, has a diverse and vibrant community including security professionals and enthusiasts alike. Over the years of Kali development (and previously BackTrack Linux) our approach to Kali Linux support has become more focused. While Kali Linux is a Penetration Testing Linux distribution, we do not provide penetration testing support, or even tool usage support, as some might expect. We limit our support to Kali Linux operating system and packaging issues and encourage users to search for answers to their penetration testing related issues in better suited support channels. This allows us to focus all our attention on developing Kali Linux and maintaining our high quality development cycle.

Official Kali Linux Community Support Channels

To eliminate any doubt or confusion, we have listed below, all of the official links and channels related to the Kali Linux distribution and release. Any other source outside this list is not official and should not be trusted to represent Kali Linux.

Kali Linux Website and Blog

You’re already here: http://www.kali.org. This site is our main means of communicating about Kali Linux and updates regarding new releases and features in Kali Linux. This site should also be your only source to download the Kali Linux distribution.

Kali Linux Forums

Should you encounter an issue or situation that isn’t covered in the official Kali Linux documentation, there is a very high likelihood that there is a member of the Kali Linux Forums knows the answer. We moderate our forums and try to keep discussions related to Kali Linux support.

Kali Linux IRC Channel

For those times when you can’t find what you’re looking for in the documentation or forums, you are welcome to join our Kali Linux IRC channel. The Kali IRC channel is #kali-linux, and can be found on irc.freenode.net.

Kali Linux Bug Tracker

Found a bug in the Kali operating system? Do your part and report it! We have an active Kali Linux Bug Tracker available for community members to report issues they have found. When used and entered correctly, bug reports often get immediate attention by our developers.

Kali Linux Twitter Feed

We may not tweet a whole lot but when we do, it’s important. Any information on releases and new blog posts will be pushed out through our twitter account, @KaliLinux. We do not provide active support over Twitter, but it is a convenient medium to have if you need to quickly reach us.

Kali Linux Facebook Page

We have recently set up a Kali Linux Facebook page through which we mirror blog posts and Kali release updates. If Facebook is your thing, be sure to check out our Kali Linux Facebook page.

Kali Linux RSS Feed

For those users who want to get the latest information on Kali blog posts or releases, our main site has an RSS feed available. Subscribing to the RSS feed will ensure you are immediately notified of any news and updates in the world of Kali.