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Official Kali Linux Documentation

In an ongoing effort, we have attempted to document common, new, or interesting features available in Kali Linux as best as we can. This prompted the setup of our Official Kali Linux Documentation website.


We believe the fastest way to get to know Kali Linux is to follow the documentation site and explore the new features available.

The documentation site is in a constant state of work in progress and is is translated by Kali Linux community members in their free time, on a best-effort basis. As such, translated documents may fall behind the original English translations. If in doubt of accuracy, know that the English versions are the most updated. If you would like to help with translations, contact us.

Special Features Available in Kali Linux

Over the months of development, we occasionally add cool new features to Kali and document them on our blogs. The following list attempts to gather some of the major features we’ve announced and link them to their respective sources. Many of these topics and more are covered in our free, hands on Kali Linux Dojo workshops.

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