Meet The Kali Team

Kali Core Developers

Arnaud Rebillout (arnaudr) is a Debian maintainer, he joined the team in 2021 to work on Kali development and maintenance.

Ben Wilson (g0tmi1k) is a senior developer who has worked on most areas inside of Kali. He also is an OffSec live instructor, maintains Exploit Database and the founder of VulnHub.

Carsten Boeving (Re4son) looks after our NetHunter platform and maintains the NetHunter App Store. He also does research and development into new technologies and use cases for Kali, such as LXD, Btrfs, and Win-KeX.

Daniel Ruiz de Alegría (DяA) is a computer geek passionate about anything related to technology, from software to hardware. He loves programming but also designing, all great projects deserve an awesome design, even the most simple ones. His role in Kali Linux, is to ensure everything looks stunning.

Jim O’Gorman (elwood) is the Chief Content and Strategy officer for OffSec and leads the Kali team. He has helped write a couple of books, teaches OffSec courses, and does a lot of meetings.

Joe O’Gorman (Gamb1t) does the QA work for the releases, packaging for Kali, helps maintain the Kali-Docs, and other duties.

Raphaël Hertzog (buxy) is an experienced Debian developer and consultant, author of the well known Debian Administrator’s Handbook. He’s the packaging wizard in our team and manages our continuously growing development infrastructure.

Steve Klimaszewski (steev) does our ARM development for Kali Linux. He has been working with and on ARM devices since 2009.

Kali’s Founders

Devon Kearns (dookie) is an OffSec instructor, the administrator of the Exploit Database, co-creator of the Metasploit Unleashed project, exploitation fanatic, and co-author of Metasploit: The Penetration Tester’s Guide.

Mati Aharoni (muts) is the founder of OffSec. With over 10 years of experience as a professional penetration tester, Mati has uncovered several major security flaws and is actively involved in the offensive security arena.

Kali NetHunter

Attila Kálmán (yesimxev) is a security and mobile phone enthusiast, one of our NetHunter developers who is continuously improving the project for many years. His researches lead him to add support for several devices, including the first Kali NetHunter smartwatch!

Christian Bremvåg (kimocoder) is a security researcher and developer and part of the NetHunter team. Also a WiFi guru affiliated with the aircrack-ng project.

Paul (paulwebsec) is a security enthusiast, who’s been contributing to couple of projects including NetHunter and got mostly involved on automation and scripting to ease developer’s lifes.


Kali’s Helpers

Sophie Brun (sophie) is an engineer and has been working in computer science since 2014. She creates Debian packages for the latest penetration testing software and ensures that the growing list of tools are kept up-to-date.

You can get involved by going to our contribute page