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Finding Packages for Kali Linux

In an earlier post, we covered Package Management in Kali Linux. With the ease of installation that APT provides, we have the choice amongst tens of thousands of packages but the downside is, we have tens of thousands of packages. Finding out what packages are available and finding the one(s) we want can be a daunting task, particularly for newcomers to Linux. In this post, we will cover three utilities that can be used to search through the haystack and help you take advantage of the vast open source ecosystem.

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Kali Linux in the Windows App Store

No, really…this isn’t clickbait. For the past few weeks, we’ve been working with the Microsoft WSL team to get Kali Linux introduced into the Microsoft App Store as an official WSL distribution and today we’re happy to announce the availability of the “Kali Linux” Windows application. For Windows 10 users, this means you can simply enable WSL, search for Kali in the Windows store, and install it with a single click. This is especially exciting news for penetration testers and security professionals who have limited toolsets due to enterprise compliance standards.

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Kali Linux Training

Your Journey Starts Here

“Whether you’re new to the fight, or a seasoned pro, don’t stop training…”

This statement, like the video that introduced it, has real punch. We did this on purpose to get you fired up, excited about your training, and to kickstart your journey. If it worked, and you’re in the fight, welcome aboard! If you haven’t jumped in for whatever reason, we want to introduce you to the plethora of resources we’ve made available to help you master Kali Linux, the penetration testing distribution.

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