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The official community forums for the Kali Linux project are located at forums.kali.org.

It’s our goal that everyone feel welcome in the Kali Linux community, and to ensure that everyone understands the expectations, we have outlined some simple rules below. Please take a few moments to review them before joining the forums.

Forum Rules

By registering with our forums you agree to be bound by the following rules.

  • We do not condone any illegal activity at all.
  • Any advice or information offered in the forums is to be used for legal informational, professional, or educational purposes.
  • New registrants’ posts will be moderated at first, causing a slight delay in the post appearing - please do not report problems with your post not appearing instantly during your first three days of membership.
  • Please use sensible and descriptive titles for your posts - titles like “Please Help Me!!” or “Need Assistance” or “What Am I Doing Wrong?” etc., don’t give forum members any idea what the issue might be and are unlikely to draw either interest or assistance.
  • Do not cross-post across sub-forums, please - one post in the relevant area is enough!
  • Before creating a new thread, please search the forums for similar or related previous postings. If you do create a new thread asking a question that has already been asked, don’t be surprised if your thread gets deleted without notice.
  • Do not post about breaking into networks that do not belong to you and for which you have no permissions. Do not post about illegal activities.
  • Religious, political, or pornographic references will not be tolerated. Stay on topic.
  • Posts about your success in “hacking” into your neighbours WiFi or queries about how to break into a network, etc., are not welcome and will vanish (quite possibly along with your user ID).
  • Spam messages they will be summarily removed, and you will be summarily banned if you posted them.
  • Members signatures may not contain URLs or web links, in any form.
  • We will not tolerate abusive, sexist, racist, or any other derogatory remarks, nor members acting like self-appointed moderators. The forum staff are responsible for moderation, and they’re here to help you. Please use their services.
  • If ANY member has an issue with the content of ANY post within the forums, use the “REPORT THIS POST” button - This is the red triangle icon when using the default forum theme (or the asterisk icon when using the Blackfire Razor forum theme) found in the top right corner of each post.
  • Breaking the forum rules may incur infractions ranging from loss of posting privileges to a temporary or permanent ban, at the sole discretion of the forum staff.
  • These rules are subject to alteration and/or addition. You are responsible for staying aware of any changes.

Updated on: 2023-Jun-16
Author: g0tmi1k