Generate an Updated Kali ISO

Kali Linux allows you to generate updated ISOs of Kali using Debian live-build scripts on the fly. The easiest way to generate these images is from within a pre existing Kali Linux environment. You will first need to install the live-build and cdebootstrap packages:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install -y git live-build cdebootstrap

Next, we clone the Kali cdimage Git repository as follows:

git clone git://

Now you can change to the live directory under and build your ISO.

cd live-build-config/
lb clean --purge
lb config
lb build

The live build scripts allow for complete customization of Kali Linux images. For more information about Kali live build scripts, check out our Kali customization page.

Updated on: 2020-Feb-22
Author: g0tmi1k