Generate an Updated Kali ISO

Kali Linux allows you to generate updated ISOs of Kali using Debian live-build scripts on the fly. The easiest way to generate these images is from within a pre existing Kali Linux environment. You will first need to install the live-build and cdebootstrap packages:

[email protected]:~$ sudo apt update
[email protected]:~$ sudo apt install -y git live-build cdebootstrap

Next, we clone the Kali cdimage Git repository as follows:

[email protected]:~$ git clone git://

Now you can change to the live directory under and build your ISO:

[email protected]:~$ cd live-build-config/
[email protected]:~$ lb clean --purge
[email protected]:~$ lb config
[email protected]:~$ lb build

The live build scripts allow for complete customization of Kali Linux images. For more information about Kali live build scripts, check out our Kali customization page.

Updated on: 2023-Mar-06
Author: g0tmi1k