Installing NetHunter On the TicWatch Pro

From unpacking to running NetHunter in 6 steps:

  1. Unlock the bootloader
  2. Flash vendor image, TWRP, optimized WearOS image and Magisk
  3. Launch Magisk app to finish the rooting process
  4. Resize system partition in TWRP
  5. Install NetHunter
  6. Set NetHunter watch face

1. Unlock the bootloader

  • Connect your watch to your PC with it’s USB cable, and fire up a terminal.
  • If you have set up your watch on the phone you can access settings, otherwise hold both buttons for a few seconds on the welcome screen.
  • Enable developer settings by going to System -> About -> tap Build number 10 times
  • Enable ADB, re-plug USB and accept debug from PC
  • Reboot into bootloader with “adb reboot bootloader” from the terminal
  • Unlock bootloader with “fastboot flashing unlock”

2. Flash vendor image, TWRP, optimized WearOS image and Magisk

Download and extract the installation files into a folder. Please note Magisk 21.0 is recommended, included in the following link.

Download link for ROM, vendor, TWRP, and Magisk:

Download link for NetHunter zip. Scroll down to TicWatch for latest release:

  • Again enable ADB, and reboot to bootloader with “adb reboot bootloader”
  • “fastboot flash vendor vendor.img”
  • “fastboot flash recovery tic-watch-pro-recovery.img”
  • Boot into recovery by selecting it with the side buttons (switch with bottom one, select with upper button)
  • Select Wipe -> Advanced Wipe -> select Data, Cache
  • Select “Install -> ADB Sideload”
  • “adb sideload”
  • “adb sideload”
  • Reboot & do initial setup (pair with your phone through WearOS app)

3. Launch Magisk app to finish the rooting process

  • Launch Magisk Manager
  • You might want to disable auto-update, set grant access in auto response, and disable toast notifications for easier navigation in the future

4. Resize system partition in TWRP

Upon reflashing ROM after formatted /data, I discovered that the system will have 0 space left, so we need to resize for NetHunter apps, and files However, there was space again after going through this tutorial without /data format. In case if you have 0 space left:

  • Again enable ADB
  • “adb reboot recovery”
  • Select Wipe -> next page -> File System Options - select System - Resize to have ~175MB free on /system

5. Install NetHunter

  • Select Install -> ADB Sideload
  • “adb sideload” NetHunter image
  • Reboot
  • Start NetHunter app & chroot
  • Reboot

6. Set NetHunter watch face

  • Install Facer onto your phone from Play Store
  • Search for NetHunter
  • Select & Sync

Enjoy Kali NetHunter on the TicWatch Pro

Additional supported apps

Supported features

  • Kali services
  • Custom Commands
  • MAC Changer
  • HID Attacks
  • DuckHunter
  • Bad USB
  • Nmap Scan

Upcoming features (not guaranteed)

  • Nexmon, as the chipset is supported, needs some time
  • Bluetooth Arsenal (internal bluetooth via blueblinder, as carwhisperer fails to r/w when SCO channel is connected)
  • Router Keygen (to be optimised)
  • WPS app (to be optimised)
  • Hijacker (if nexmon succeeds)
  • Mifare Classic Tool (not sure of compatible NFC chip yet, need to be optimised first)

Hardware limitations

  • Power resource is not enough for any external adapters

Updated on: 2022-Jan-21
Author: yesimxev