Configuring the Kernel - General

Table of Contents

Kernel Configuration


In section “General Setup”:

  • clear “Local version”
  • set “Default host name” to “kali”
  • select “System V IPC” (CONFIG_SYSVIPC=y)



We want to enable modules in Enable Loadable Module Support just in case there are any devices we want to load through the command line using modprobe. We discourage to build frequently used rivers as modules:

  • Enable “loadable module support” (CONFIG_MODULES=y):

  • select “Module unloading” (CONFIG_MODULE_UNLOAD=y)

  • select “Forced module unloading” (CONFIG_MODULE_FORCE_UNLOAD=y)

  • select “Module versioning support” (CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y)


Kernel Image

Our preferred image type is a compressed and concatenated image file if the kernel source permits it:

  • select “Build a concatenated Image.gz/dtb by default” (CONFIG_BUILD_ARM64_APPENDED_DTB_IMAGE=y)
  • Under “Boot options ->”
  • Selected “Appended DTB Kernel Image name (Image.gz-dtb)” (IMG_GZ_DTB=y)

Updated on: 2023-Jul-04
Author: re4son