Configuring the Kernel - USB

Kernel Configuration cont.

USB Modem

CDC ACM support is required for Proxmark and similar devices

Navigate to Device Drivers -> USB support and select the following option:

  • select “USB Modem (CDC ACM) support” (CONFIG_USB_ACM=y)


USB Gadget support

Generic serial, CDC ACM, CDC ECM, and HID are required for various USB based attacks.

Navigate to Device Drivers -> USB support -> USB Gadget Support and choose:

  • select “Generic serial bulk in/out” (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_SERIAL=y)
  • select “Abstract Control Model (CDC ACM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_ACM=y)
  • select “Object Exchange Model (CDC OBEX)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_OBEX=y)
  • select “Network Control Model (CDC NCM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_NCM=y)
  • select “Ethernet Control Model (CDC ECM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_ECM=y)
  • select “Ethernet Control Model (CDC ECM) subset” (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_ECM_SUBSET=y)
  • select “Ethernet Emulation Model (EEM)" (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_EEM=y)
  • select “Mass Storage” (CONFIG_USB_CONFIGFS_MASS_STORAGE=y)


Exit, save, and build

Updated on: 2021-Oct-23
Author: re4son