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This package contains experimental scripts. They are PoCs that show what an attacker get from Apple devices if they sniff Bluetooth traffic. To use these scripts you will need a Bluetooth adapter for sending BLE messages and Wi-Fi card supporting active monitor mode with frame injection for communication using AWDL (AirDrop).

Installed size: 23.54 MB
How to install: sudo apt install apple-bleee

  • kali-defaults
  • python3
  • python3-bluez
  • python3-bs4
  • python3-ctypescrypto
  • python3-fleep
  • python3-libarchive-c
  • python3-netifaces
  • python3-pil
  • python3-prettytable
  • python3-pycryptodome
  • python3-requests
root@kali:~# apple-bleee -h

> apple-bleee ~ scripts to show what an attacker get from Apple devices

|-- hash2phone
|-- npyscreen
|-- opendrop2
`-- utils

Updated on: 2023-Feb-09