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This package contains tools to find query parameters for URL enpoints.

Web applications use parameters (or queries) to accept user input, take the following example into consideration: This URL seems to load user information for a specific user id, but what if there exists a parameter named admin which when set to True makes the endpoint provide more information about the user? This is what Arjun does, it finds valid HTTP parameters with a huge default dictionary of 25,980 parameter names.

Installed size: 328 KB
How to install: sudo apt install arjun

  • python3
  • python3-dicttoxml
  • python3-requests
[email protected]:~# arjun -h
usage: arjun [-h] [-u URL] [-o JSON_FILE] [-oT TEXT_FILE] [-oB [BURP_PORT]]
             [-d DELAY] [-t THREADS] [-w WORDLIST] [-m METHOD]
             [-i [IMPORT_FILE]] [-T TIMEOUT] [-c CHUNKS] [-q]
             [--headers [HEADERS]] [--passive [PASSIVE]] [--stable]
             [--include INCLUDE]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -u URL                Target URL
                        Path for json output file.
  -oT TEXT_FILE         Path for text output file.
  -oB [BURP_PORT]       Port for output to Burp Suite Proxy. Default port is
  -d DELAY              Delay between requests in seconds. (default: 0)
  -t THREADS            Number of concurrent threads. (default: 2)
  -w WORDLIST           Wordlist file path. (default:
  -m METHOD             Request method to use: GET/POST/XML/JSON. (default:
  -i [IMPORT_FILE]      Import target URLs from file.
  -T TIMEOUT            HTTP request timeout in seconds. (default: 15)
  -c CHUNKS             Chunk size. The number of parameters to be sent at
  -q                    Quiet mode. No output.
  --headers [HEADERS]   Add headers. Separate multiple headers with a new
  --passive [PASSIVE]   Collect parameter names from passive sources like
                        wayback, commoncrawl and otx.
  --stable              Prefer stability over speed.
  --include INCLUDE     Include this data in every request.

Updated on: 2022-Aug-05