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genkeys Usage Example

Read in a dictionary file (-r /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst), provide an output filename (-f asleap.dat), and an output index filename (-n asleap.idx):

root@kali:~# genkeys -r /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst -f asleap.dat -n asleap.idx
genkeys 2.2 - generates lookup file for asleap. <[email protected]>
Generating hashes for passwords (this may take some time) ...Done.
5085 hashes written in 0.29 seconds:  17463.18 hashes/second
Starting sort (be patient) ...Done.
Completed sort in 16254 compares.
Creating index file (almost finished) ...Done.
asleap Usage Examples

Read a capture file (-r leap.dump), provide the hashfile filename (-f asleap.dat), the hashfile index (-n asleap.idx), and skip the authentication check (-s):

root@kali:~# asleap -r leap.dump -f asleap.dat -n asleap.idx -s
asleap 2.2 - actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords. <[email protected]>

Captured LEAP exchange information:
    username:          qa_leap
    challenge:         0786aea0215bc30a
    response:          7f6a14f11eeb980fda11bf83a142a8744f00683ad5bc5cb6
    hash bytes:        4a39
    NT hash:           a1fc198bdbf5833a56fb40cdd1a64a39
    password:          qaleap

Crack a challenge (-C 58:16:d5:ac:4b:dc:e4:0f) and response (-R 50:ae:a3:0a:10:9e:28:f9:33:1b:44:b1:3d:9e:20:91:85:e8:2e:c3:c5:4c:00:23) from freeradius, using a wordlist (-W password.lst):

root@kali:~# asleap -C 58:16:d5:ac:4b:dc:e4:0f -R 50:ae:a3:0a:10:9e:28:f9:33:1b:44:b1:3d:9e:20:91:85:e8:2e:c3:c5:4c:00:23 -W password.lst
asleap 2.2 - actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords. <[email protected]>
Using wordlist mode with "password.lst".
    hash bytes:        586c
    NT hash:           8846f7eaee8fb117ad06bdd830b7586c
    password:          password

Packages and Binaries:


Demonstrates a serious deficiency in proprietary Cisco LEAP networks.

Installed size: 235 KB
How to install: sudo apt install asleap

  • libc6
  • libpcap0.8t64
root@kali:~# asleap -h
asleap 2.3 - actively recover LEAP/PPTP passwords. <[email protected]>
Usage: asleap [options]

	-r 	Read from a libpcap file
	-i 	Interface to capture on
	-f 	Dictionary file with NT hashes
	-n 	Index file for NT hashes
	-s 	Skip the check to make sure authentication was successful
	-h 	Output this help information and exit
	-v 	Print verbose information (more -v for more verbosity)
	-V 	Print program version and exit
	-C 	Challenge value in colon-delimited bytes
	-R 	Response value in colon-delimited bytes
	-W 	ASCII dictionary file (special purpose)

root@kali:~# genkeys -h
genkeys 2.3 - generates lookup file for asleap. <[email protected]>
Usage: genkeys [options]

	-r 	Input dictionary file, one word per line
	-f 	Output pass+hash filename
	-n 	Output index filename
	-h 	Last 2 hash bytes to filter with (optional)

Updated on: 2024-May-23