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This package contains a cyber security framework designed to easily automate adversary emulation, assist manual red-teams, and automate incident response.

Installed size: 63.12 MB
How to install: sudo apt install caldera

  • adduser
  • git
  • golang-go
  • python3
  • python3-aioftp
  • python3-aiohttp
  • python3-aiohttp-apispec
  • python3-aiohttp-jinja2
  • python3-aiohttp-security
  • python3-aiohttp-session
  • python3-asyncssh
  • python3-cryptography
  • python3-cssselect2
  • python3-dnspython
  • python3-docker
  • python3-donut
  • python3-jinja2
  • python3-ldap3
  • python3-lxml
  • python3-markdown
  • python3-marshmallow
  • python3-myst-parser
  • python3-pathspec
  • python3-recommonmark
  • python3-reportlab
  • python3-sphinx
  • python3-sphinx-rtd-theme
  • python3-websockets
  • python3-yaml
  • sudo
root@kali:~# caldera -h
usage: Welcome to the system [-h] [-E ENVIRONMENT]
                             [-l {DEBUG,INFO,WARNING,ERROR,CRITICAL}]
                             [--fresh] [-P PLUGINS] [--insecure]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Select an env. file to use
                        Set the logging level
  --fresh               remove object_store on start
  -P PLUGINS, --plugins PLUGINS
                        Start up with a single plugin
  --insecure            Start caldera with insecure default config values.
                        Equivalent to "-E default".

Updated on: 2023-Nov-20