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cisco-auditing-tool Usage Example

Scan the host (-h on port 23 (-p 23), using a password dictionary file (-a /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst):

root@kali:~# CAT -h -p 23 -a /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst

Cisco Auditing Tool - g0ne [null0]

Checking Host:

Guessing passwords:

Invalid Password: 123456
Invalid Password: 12345

Packages and Binaries:


Perl script which scans cisco routers for common vulnerabilities.

Installed size: 266 KB
How to install: sudo apt install cisco-auditing-tool

  • perl

Concatenate files and print on the standard output

root@kali:~# CAT --help
/usr/bin/CAT version [unknown] calling Getopt::Std::getopts (version 1.13 [paranoid]),
running under Perl version 5.38.2.


The following single-character options are accepted:
	With arguments: -h -f -p -w -a -l
	Boolean (without arguments): -i -q

Options may be merged together.  -- stops processing of options.
Space is not required between options and their arguments.
  [Now continuing due to backward compatibility and excessive paranoia.
   See 'perldoc Getopt::Std' about $Getopt::Std::STANDARD_HELP_VERSION.]

Updated on: 2024-Mar-11