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This tool is used to crack Cisco Type 7 passwords. Can be used to encrypt and decrypt Cisco device passwords.

Originally designed in order to allow quick decryption of stored passwords, Type 7 passwords are not a secure form of password storage. There are many tools available that can easily decrypt these passwords. Use of Type 7 passwords should be avoided unless required by a feature that is in use on the Cisco IOS device.

Installed size: 28 KB
How to install: sudo apt install cisco7crack

  • libc6

Crypt and decrypt the cisco type 7 passwords

root@kali:~# cisco7crack -h
*** cisco7crack v2.3.4 - San Oct 19, 2002
    copyright (c) 2002 by Davide Madrisan <[email protected]>
    the GNU GPLv2 applies to this program and code

   cisco7crack [-q] -c [-{a|#<0..15>}] <plaintext>
   cisco7crack [-q] [-d] <ciphertext>
   cisco7crack [-h]

flags:    means:
  -c        crypt <plaintext>
  -a        display all the ways to crypt <plaintext>
  -#<n>     display the n-th way to crypt <plaintext>
  -d        decrypt <ciphertext> (default option)
  -q        cause cisco7crack to be really quiet
  -h        display this brief usage summary

examples are:
   cisco7crack -c#3 '@l1c3&b0b'
   cisco7crack -c#3 -q n0v3rb0s3
   cisco7crack 082F1C5A1A490D43000F5E033F78373B

   a=`cisco7crack -cq b@shscr1pt`  # (bash shell)
   [ $? -eq 0 ] && echo "crypt: $a" || echo "error!"

enjoy cracking the Cisco IOS pesky passwords...
for bugs and suggestions, please contact me by e-mail

Updated on: 2023-Aug-10