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CmosPwd is a cross-platform tool to decrypt password stored in CMOS used to access a computer’s BIOS setup.

This application should work out of the box on most modern systems, but some more esoteric BIOSes may not be supported or may require additional steps.

Installed size: 65 KB
How to install: sudo apt install cmospwd

  • libc6

A cmos/bios password recovery tool

root@kali:~# cmospwd -h
CmosPwd - BIOS Cracker 5.0, October 2007, Copyright 1996-2007
GRENIER Christophe, [email protected]

Usage: cmospwd [/k[de|fr]] [/d]
       cmospwd [/k[de|fr]] [/d] /[wlr] cmos_backup_file           write/load/restore
       cmospwd /k                                          kill cmos
       cmospwd [/k[de|fr]] /m[01]*	execute selected module

 /kfr french AZERTY keyboard, /kde german QWERTZ keyboard
 /d to dump cmos
 /m0010011 to execute module 3,6 and 7

NB: For Award BIOS, passwords are differents than original, but work.

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08