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dnswalk Usage Example

Attempt to get DNS zone information from the target domain (

root@kali:~# dnswalk
root@kali:~# dnswalk -r -d

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dnswalk is a DNS debugger. It performs zone transfers of specified domains, and checks the database in numerous ways for internal consistency, as well as accuracy.

Installed size: 46 KB
How to install: sudo apt install dnswalk

  • libnet-dns-perl
  • perl

A DNS database debugger

root@kali:~# dnswalk --help
Old package separator "'" deprecated at /usr/bin/dnswalk line 242.
Old package separator "'" deprecated at /usr/bin/dnswalk line 257.
/usr/bin/dnswalk version [unknown] calling Getopt::Std::getopts (version 1.13 [paranoid]),
running under Perl version 5.38.2.

Usage: dnswalk [-OPTIONS [-MORE_OPTIONS]] [--] [PROGRAM_ARG1 ...]

The following single-character options are accepted:
	With arguments: -D
	Boolean (without arguments): -r -f -i -a -d -m -F -l

Options may be merged together.  -- stops processing of options.
Space is not required between options and their arguments.
  [Now continuing due to backward compatibility and excessive paranoia.
   See 'perldoc Getopt::Std' about $Getopt::Std::STANDARD_HELP_VERSION.]
Usage: dnswalk domain
domain MUST end with a '.'

Updated on: 2024-Mar-11