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This package contains a fast and multi-purpose DNS toolkit allow to run multiple probes using retryabledns library, that allows you to perform multiple DNS queries of your choice with a list of user supplied resolvers, additionally supports DNS wildcard filtering like shuffledns (


  • Simple and Handy utility to query DNS records
  • Supports A, AAAA, CNAME, PTR, NS, MX, TXT, SOA
  • Supports DNS Status Code probing
  • Supports DNS Tracing
  • Handles wildcard subdomains in automated way.
  • Stdin and stdout support to work with other tools.

Installed size: 9.16 MB
How to install: sudo apt install dnsx

  • libc6
[email protected]:~# dnsx -h
dnsx is a fast and multi-purpose DNS toolkit allow to run multiple probes using retryabledns library.

  dnsx [flags]

   -l, -list string  File input with list of sub(domains)/hosts
   -a      Query A record (default)
   -aaaa   Query AAAA record
   -cname  Query CNAME record
   -ns     Query NS record
   -txt    Query TXT record
   -ptr    Query PTR record
   -mx     Query MX record
   -soa    Query SOA record
   -resp               Display DNS response
   -resp-only          Display DNS response only
   -rcode, -rc string  Display DNS status code (eg. -rcode noerror,servfail,refused)
   -t, -c int            Number of concurrent threads to use (default 100)
   -rl, -rate-limit int  Number of DNS request/second (disabled as default) (default -1)
   -o, -output string  File to write output
   -json               Write output in JSONL(ines) format
   -silent       Show only results in the output
   -v, -verbose  Verbose output
   -raw, -debug  Display RAW DNS response
   -stats        Display stats of the running scan
   -version      Show version of dnsx
   -retry int                Number of DNS retries (default 1)
   -hf, -hostsfile           Parse system host file
   -trace                    Perform DNS trace
   -trace-max-recursion int  Max recursion for dns trace (default 32767)
   -flush-interval int       Flush interval of output file (default 10)
   -resume                   Resume
   -r, -resolver string          List of resolvers (file or comma separated)
   -wt, -wildcard-threshold int  Wildcard Filter Threshold (default 5)
   -wd, -wildcard-domain string  Domain name for wildcard filtering (other flags will be ignored)

Updated on: 2022-May-06