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EAP-MD5 is a legacy authentication mechanism that does not provide sufficient protection for user authentication credentials. Users who authenticate using EAP-MD5 subject themselves to an offline dictionary attack vulnerability.

This tool reads from a live network interface in monitor-mode, or from a stored libpcap capture file, and extracts the portions of the EAP-MD5 authentication exchange. Once the challenge and response portions have been collected from this exchange, eapmd5pass will mount an offline dictionary attack against the user’s password.

Installed size: 102 KB
How to install: sudo apt install eapmd5pass

  • libc6
  • libpcap0.8t64
  • libssl3t64
root@kali:~# eapmd5pass -h
eapmd5pass - Dictionary attack against EAP-MD5

Usage: eapmd5pass [ -i <int> | -r <pcapfile> ] [ -w wordfile ] [options]

  -i <iface>	interface name
  -r <pcapfile>	read from a named libpcap file
  -w <wordfile>	use wordfile for possible passwords.
  -b <bssid>	BSSID of target network (default: all)
  -U <username>	Username of EAP-MD5 user.
  -C <chal>	EAP-MD5 challenge value.
  -R <response>	EAP-MD5 response value.
  -E <eapid>	EAP-MD5 response EAP ID value.
  -v		increase verbosity level (max 3)
  -V		version information
  -h		usage information

The "-r" and "[-U|-C|-R|-E]" options are not meant to be used together.  Use -r
when a packet capture is available.  Specify the username, challenge and
response when available through other means.

Updated on: 2024-May-23