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A Python script to convert a Windows PE executable file to a batch file and vice versa.

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How to install: sudo apt install exe2hexbat

  • python3
root@kali:~# exe2hex -h
[*] exe2hex v1.5.1
Usage: exe2hex [options]

  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  -x EXE      The EXE binary file to convert
  -s          Read from STDIN
  -b BAT      BAT output file (DEBUG.exe method - x86)
  -p POSH     PoSh output file (PowerShell method - x86/x64)
  -e          URL encode the output
  -r TEXT     pRefix - text to add before the command on each line
  -f TEXT     suFfix - text to add after the command on each line
  -l INT      Maximum HEX values per line
  -c          Clones and compress the file before converting (-cc for higher
  -t          Create a Expect file, to automate to a Telnet session.
  -w          Create a Expect file, to automate to a WinEXE session.
  -v          Enable verbose mode

Updated on: 2022-Nov-18