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ext4magic is a file carver (or file carving). It can be used when recovering from disasters or in digital forensics activities.

The deletion of files in ext3/4 filesystems can not be easily reversed. Zero out of the block references in the inodes makes that impossible. Experiences with other programs have proved that is possible restore sufficient information for a recover of many data files, directly from the filesystem journal.

ext4magic can extract the information from the journal and restore files in an entire directory tree, if the information in the journal are sufficient.

This tool can recover the most file types, with original filename, owner and group, file mode bits and also the old atime/mtime stamps.

Installed size: 233 KB
How to install: sudo apt install ext4magic

  • libblkid1
  • libbz2-1.0
  • libc6
  • libext2fs2
  • libmagic1
  • libuuid1
  • zlib1g

Recover deleted files on ext3/4 filesystems

root@kali:~# ext4magic -h
ext4magic : Error: Missing device name and options.

ext4magic -M [-j <journal_file>] [-d <target_dir>] <filesystem> 
ext4magic -m [-j <journal_file>] [-d <target_dir>] <filesystem> 
ext4magic [-S|-J|-H|-V|-T] [-x] [-j <journal_file>] [-B n|-I n|-f <file_name>|-i <input_list>] [-t n|[[-a n][-b n]]] [-d <target_dir>] [-R|-r|-L|-l] [-Q] <filesystem> 

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08