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This package is FreeRadius Wireless Pawn Edition. There are supported and tested EAP Types/Inner Authentication Methods (others may also work):

  • EAP-TTLS/PAP (includes OTPs)
  • EAP-MD5

Installed size: 4.51 MB
How to install: sudo apt install freeradius-wpe

  • libc6
  • libcrypt1
  • libct4
  • libgdbm6
  • libpam0g
  • libpcap0.8
  • libpcre3
  • libperl5.34
  • libpython3.9
  • libsqlite3-0
  • libssl1.1
  • libsystemd0
  • libtalloc2
  • libwbclient0
  • lsb-base
  • python3
  • ssl-cert
[email protected]:~# freeradius-wpe -h
Usage: freeradius [options]
  -C            Check configuration and exit.
  -f            Run as a foreground process, not a daemon.
  -h            Print this help message.
  -i <ipaddr>   Listen on ipaddr ONLY.
  -l <log_file> Logging output will be written to this file.
  -m            On SIGINT or SIGQUIT clean up all used memory instead of just exiting.
  -n <name>     Read raddb/name.conf instead of raddb/radiusd.conf.
  -p <port>     Listen on port ONLY.
  -P            Always write out PID, even with -f.
  -s            Do not spawn child processes to handle requests (same as -ft).
  -t            Disable threads.
  -v            Print server version information.
  -X            Turn on full debugging (similar to -tfxxl stdout).
  -x            Turn on additional debugging (-xx gives more debugging).

Updated on: 2022-May-04