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GoldenEye is a HTTP DoS Test Tool. This tool can be used to test if a site is susceptible to Deny of Service (DoS) attacks. Is possible to open several parallel connections against a URL to check if the web server can be compromised.

The program tests the security in networks and uses ‘HTTP Keep Alive

  • NoCache’ as attack vector.

This package is useful for pentesters.

Installed size: 963 KB
How to install: sudo apt install goldeneye

  • python3

HTTP DoS test tool

root@kali:~# goldeneye -h


GoldenEye v2.1 by Jan Seidl <[email protected]>

 USAGE: goldeneye <url> [OPTIONS]

	 Flag			Description						Default
	 -u, --useragents	File with user-agents to use				(default: randomly generated)
	 -w, --workers		Number of concurrent workers				(default: 10)
	 -s, --sockets		Number of concurrent sockets				(default: 500)
	 -m, --method		HTTP Method to use 'get' or 'post'  or 'random'		(default: get)
	 -n, --nosslcheck	Do not verify SSL Certificate				(default: True)
	 -d, --debug		Enable Debug Mode [more verbose output]			(default: False)
	 -h, --help		Shows this help


Updated on: 2023-Feb-09