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This package contains a Fast web spider written in Go. The features are: - Fast web crawling - Brute force and parse sitemap.xml - Parse robots.txt - Generate and verify link from JavaScript files - Link Finder - Find AWS-S3 from response source - Find subdomains from response source - Get URLs from Wayback Machine, Common Crawl, Virus Total, Alien Vault - Format output easy to Grep - Support Burp input - Crawl multiple sites in parallel - Random mobile/web User-AgentShowcases

Installed size: 11.18 MB
How to install: sudo apt install gospider

  • libc6
root@kali:~# gospider -h
A Simple Web Spider - v1.1.0 by @theblackturtle

  gospider [flags]

  -s, --site string            Site to crawl
  -S, --sites string           Site list to crawl
  -p, --proxy string           Proxy (Ex:
  -o, --output string          Output folder
  -u, --user-agent string      User Agent to use
                               	web: random web user-agent
                               	mobi: random mobile user-agent
                               	or you can set your special user-agent (default "web")
      --cookie string          Cookie to use (testA=a; testB=b)
  -H, --header stringArray     Header to use (Use multiple flag to set multiple header)
      --burp string            Load headers and cookie from burp raw http request
      --blacklist string       Blacklist URL Regex
  -t, --threads int            Number of threads (Run sites in parallel) (default 1)
  -c, --concurrent int         The number of the maximum allowed concurrent requests of the matching domains (default 5)
  -d, --depth int              MaxDepth limits the recursion depth of visited URLs. (Set it to 0 for infinite recursion) (default 1)
  -k, --delay int              Delay is the duration to wait before creating a new request to the matching domains (second)
  -K, --random-delay int       RandomDelay is the extra randomized duration to wait added to Delay before creating a new request (second)
  -m, --timeout int            Request timeout (second) (default 10)
      --sitemap                Try to crawl sitemap.xml
      --robots                 Try to crawl robots.txt (default true)
  -a, --other-source           Find URLs from 3rd party (,,
  -w, --include-subs           Include subdomains crawled from 3rd party. Default is main domain
  -r, --include-other-source   Also include other-source's urls (still crawl and request)
      --debug                  Turn on debug mode
  -v, --verbose                Turn on verbose
      --no-redirect            Disable redirect
      --version                Check version
  -h, --help                   help for gospider

Updated on: 2023-Feb-09