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Userspace drive for USB Wi-Fi NICs and the Hak5 Wi-Fi Coconut

Installed size: 176 KB
How to install: sudo apt install hak5-wifi-coconut

  • firmware-misc-nonfree
  • libc6
  • libusb-1.0-0
root@kali:~# wifi_coconut -h
Wi-Fi Coconut
Usage: wifi_coconut [options]
By default, the wifi_coconut tool opens in interactive mode.
Universal options:
 --disable-leds        Go fully dark; don't enable any LEDs
 --invert-leds         Normally a Wi-Fi Coconut enables all the LEDs
                       and blinks during traffic; Invert only lights
                       when there is traffic.
 --disable-blinking    Disable blinking the LEDs on traffic
Non-interactive modes:
 --no-display          Don't display channel UI while logging
 --wait                Wait for a coconut to be found
 --pcap=[fname]        Log packets to a pcap file.  If file is '-',
                       a pcap file will be echoed to stdout so that it can
                       be piped to other tools. --wait-for-coconut    Wait for a coconut to be connected and identified
 --list-coconuts       List Wi-Fi Coconut devices and exit
 --coconut-device=X    If you have multiple Wi-Fi Coconuts, specify
                       which one to use
 --enable-partial      Enable a Wi-Fi Coconut even if not all the
                       radios have been identified.
 --plain-dot11         Log plain 802.11 packets instead of radiotap
                       formatted packets with signal and channel
 --quiet               Disable most output

Updated on: 2023-Feb-09