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This package contains a tool to test a domains list. It takes a list of domains and probe for working http and https servers.

Installed size: 4.43 MB
How to install: sudo apt install httprobe

  • libc6

Tool to find working http and https servers from a domains list

root@kali:~# httprobe -h
Usage of httprobe:
  -c int
    	set the concurrency level (split equally between HTTPS and HTTP requests) (default 20)
  -method string
    	HTTP method to use (default "GET")
  -p value
    	add additional probe (proto:port)
    	only try plain HTTP if HTTPS fails
  -s	skip the default probes (http:80 and https:443)
  -t int
    	timeout (milliseconds) (default 10000)

Updated on: 2022-Nov-18