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This package contains a tool written in Powershell that allows you to have a prompt at any time with post-exploitation functionalities (and in some cases exploitation). It is a shell that is downloaded directly to memory providing access to a large number of pentesting features. These functionalities can be downloaded directly to memory, in the form of a Powershell function. This form of execution is known as everywhere.

In addition, ibombshell provides a second execution mode called Silently, so the pentester can execute an instance of ibombshell (called warrior). The compromised computer will be connected to a C2 panel through HTTP. Therefore, it will be possible to control the warrior and be able to load functions in memory that help the pentester. This is happening whithin the post-exploitation phase.

Installed size: 4.94 MB
How to install: sudo apt install ibombshell

  • powershell
  • python3-pynput
  • python3-termcolor

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08