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Normally, without access to the original source code, testing the security of a Java client is unpredictable at best and unrealistic at worst. With access the original source, you can run a simple Java program and attach a debugger to it remotely, stepping through code and changing variables where needed. Doing the same with an applet is a little bit more difficult. JavaSnoop attempts to solve this problem by allowing you attach to an existing process (like a debugger) and instantly begin tampering with method calls, run custom code, or just watch what’s happening on the system.

Installed size: 13.14 MB
How to install: sudo apt install javasnoop

  • default-jdk
root@kali:~# javasnoop -h
[2] Turning off Java security for JavaSnoop usage
[3] Starting JavaSnoop...
[4] Turning Java security back on for safe browsing

Updated on: 2024-Mar-11