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Ligolo-ng is a simple, lightweight and fast tool that allows pentesters to establish tunnels from a reverse TCP/TLS connection using a tun interface (without the need of SOCKS).

Installed size: 16.64 MB
How to install: sudo apt install ligolo-ng

  • libc6
root@kali:~# ligolo-agent -h
Usage of ligolo-agent:
  -connect string
    	the target (domain:port)
    	ignore TLS certificate validation (dangerous), only for debug purposes
    	auto-retry on error
  -socks string
    	socks5 proxy address (ip:port)
  -socks-pass string
    	socks5 password
  -socks-user string
    	socks5 username
  -v	enable verbose mode

root@kali:~# ligolo-proxy -h
Usage of ligolo-proxy:
  -allow-domains string
    	autocert authorised domains, if empty, allow all domains, multiple domains should be comma-separated.
    	automatically request letsencrypt certificates, requires port 80 to be accessible
  -certfile string
    	TLS server certificate (default "certs/cert.pem")
  -keyfile string
    	TLS server key (default "certs/key.pem")
  -laddr string
    	listening address  (default "")
    	dynamically generate self-signed certificates
  -v	enable verbose mode

Updated on: 2024-May-23