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Magic Rescue scans a block device for file types it knows how to recover and calls an external program to extract them. It looks at “magic bytes” (file patterns) in file contents, so it can be used both as an undelete utility and for recovering a corrupted drive or partition. As long as the file data is there, it will find it.

Magic Rescue uses files called ‘recipes’. These files have strings and commands to identify and extract data from devices or forensics images. So, you can write your own recipes. Currently, there are the following recipes: avi, canon-cr2, elf, flac, gpl, gzip, jpeg-exif, jpeg-jfif, mbox, mbox-mozilla-inbox, mbox-mozilla-sent, mp3-id3v1, mp3-id3v2, msoffice, nikon-raw, perl, png, ppm, sqlite and zip.

This package provides magicrescue, dupemap and magicsort commands. magicrescue is a carver and it is useful in forensics investigations.

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How to install: sudo apt install magicrescue

  • dcraw
  • flac
  • libc6
  • libgdbm-compat4t64
  • libjpeg-turbo-progs
  • mpg123
  • sqlite3
  • unzip
  • zip

Creates a database of file checksums and uses it to eliminate duplicates

root@kali:~# dupemap -h
Usage: dupemap [OPTIONS] OPERATION PATH...
Where OPERATION is one of the operations listed in the manpage.

  -d DATABASE   Read/write from a database on disk
  -I FILE       Read input file names from this file ("-" for stdin)
  -m MINSIZE    Exclude files below this size
  -M MAXSIZE    Exclude files above this size


Scans a block device and extracts known file types by looking at magic bytes.

root@kali:~# magicrescue -h
Usage: magicrescue [-I FILE] [-M MODE] [-O [+-=][0x]OFFSET] [-b BLOCKSIZE]
	-d OUTPUT_DIR -r RECIPE1 [-r RECIPE2 [...]] DEVICE1 [DEVICE2 [...]]

  -b  Only consider files starting at a multiple of BLOCKSIZE.
  -d  Mandatory.  Output directory for found files.
  -r  Mandatory.  Recipe name, file or directory.
  -I  Read input file names from this file ("-" for stdin)
  -M  Produce machine-readable output to stdout.
  -O  Resume from specified offset (hex or decimal) in the first device.


Categorize files by their file(1) magic

root@kali:~# magicsort -h
Usage: magicsort DIRECTORY
Will invoke your system's file(1) utility to categorize all the files found
by magicrescue.

Updated on: 2024-May-23