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This package contains the OWASP Maryam, a modular/optional open source framework based on OSINT and data gathering. Maryam is written in Python programming language and it’s designed to provide a powerful environment to harvest data from open sources and search engines and collect data quickly and thoroughly.

Installed size: 1.08 MB
How to install: sudo apt install maryam

  • python3
  • python3-bs4
  • python3-cloudscraper
  • python3-flask
  • python3-lxml
  • python3-matplotlib
  • python3-nltk
  • python3-pandas
  • python3-plotly
  • python3-requests
  • python3-vadersentiment
root@kali:~# maryam -h
usage: maryam [-h] [-e execute] [-s start] [-v]
maryam -h

optional arguments:
	  -h, --help   show this help message and exit
	  -e execute   execute a command and exit
	  -s start     run a command without exit
	  -v           show version and exit

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08