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EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) is a standard for storing interchange information in image files, especially those using JPEG compression. Most digital cameras, including mobile phones, now use the EXIF format.

The format is part of the DCF standard created by JEIDA to encourage the interoperability between imaging devices. In addition to the standard EXIF fields, MetaCam also supports vendor-specific extensions from Nikon, Olympus, Canon and Casio.

This program is useful in forensics investigations.

Installed size: 144 KB
How to install: sudo apt install metacam

  • libc6
  • libgcc-s1
  • libstdc++6

Extract EXIF information from digital camera files

root@kali:~# metacam -h
Usage: metacam <options> [filename(s)...]

       -h,--help           Display this help
       -v,--verbose        Display unknown tags too
       -a,--all            Display ALL tags (implies -v)
       -x,--xml            Output as XML

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08