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onesixtyone is a simple SNMP scanner which sends SNMP requests for the sysDescr value asynchronously with user-adjustable sending times and then logs the responses which gives the description of the software running on the device.

Running onesixtyone on a class B network (switched 100Mbs with 1Gbs backbone) with -w 10 gives a performance of 3 seconds per class C, with no dropped packets, and all 65536 IP addresses were scanned in less than 13 minutes.

Installed size: 177 KB
How to install: sudo apt install onesixtyone

  • libc6

Fast and simple SNMP scanner

root@kali:~# onesixtyone -h
onesixtyone 0.3.3 [options] <host> <community>
  -c <communityfile> file with community names to try
  -i <inputfile>     file with target hosts
  -o <outputfile>    output log
  -p                 specify an alternate destination SNMP port
  -d                 debug mode, use twice for more information

  -s                 short mode, only print IP addresses

  -w n               wait n milliseconds (1/1000 of a second) between sending packets (default 10)
  -q                 quiet mode, do not print log to stdout, use with -o
host is either an IPv4 address or an IPv4 address and a netmask
default community names are: public private

Max number of hosts : 		65536
Max community length: 		32
Max number of communities: 	16384

examples: onesixtyone public
          onesixtyone -c dict.txt -i hosts -o my.log -w 100

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08