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OpenOCD aims to provide debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing for embedded target devices.

The debugger uses an IEEE 1149-1 compliant JTAG TAP bus master to access on-chip debug functionality available on ARM based microcontrollers or system-on-chip solutions. For MIPS systems the EJTAG interface is supported. Additionally there is support for eSi-RISC, Intel, OpenRISC, RISC-V and ARC controllers.

User interaction is realized through a telnet command line interface, a gdb (the GNU debugger) remote protocol server, and a simplified RPC connection that can be used to interface with OpenOCD’s Jim Tcl engine.

OpenOCD supports many different types of JTAG interfaces/programmers.

Installed size: 8.80 MB
How to install: sudo apt install openocd

  • libc6
  • libcapstone4
  • libftdi1-2
  • libgpiod2t64
  • libhidapi-hidraw0
  • libjaylink0
  • libjim0.82t64
  • libusb-1.0-0

A free and open on-chip debugging, in-system programming and boundary-scan testing tool for ARM and MIPS systems

root@kali:~# openocd -h
Open On-Chip Debugger 0.12.0
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
For bug reports, read
Open On-Chip Debugger
Licensed under GNU GPL v2
--help       | -h	display this help
--version    | -v	display OpenOCD version
--file       | -f	use configuration file <name>
--search     | -s	dir to search for config files and scripts
--debug      | -d	set debug level to 3
             | -d<n>	set debug level to <level>
--log_output | -l	redirect log output to file <name>
--command    | -c	run <command>

Updated on: 2024-May-23