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oscanner Usage Example

Scan the target server (-s on port 1040 (-P 1040):

root@kali:~# oscanner -s -P 1040
Oracle Scanner 1.0.6 by [email protected]
[-] Checking host
[x] Failed to enumerate sids from host
[-] Loading services/sids from service file

Packages and Binaries:


Oscanner is an Oracle assessment framework developed in Java. It has a plugin-based architecture and comes with a couple of plugins that currently do:

  • Sid Enumeration
  • Passwords tests (common & dictionary)
  • Enumerate Oracle version
  • Enumerate account roles
  • Enumerate account privileges
  • Enumerate account hashes
  • Enumerate audit information
  • Enumerate password policies
  • Enumerate database links

The results are given in a graphical java tree.

Installed size: 1.46 MB
How to install: sudo apt install oscanner

  • default-jre
root@kali:~# oscanner -h
	Oracle Scanner 1.0.6 by [email protected]
	OracleScanner -s <ip> -r <repfile> [options]
		-s	<servername>
		-f	<serverlist>
		-P	<portnr>
		-v	be verbose

Updated on: 2024-Mar-11