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PDFCrack is a simple tool for recovering passwords from pdf-documents.

It should be able to handle all pdfs that uses the standard security handler but the pdf-parsing routines are a bit of a quick hack so you might stumble across some pdfs where the parser needs to be fixed to handle.

The main PDFCrack features are:

  • Supports the standard security handler (revision 2, 3 and 4) on all known PDF-versions.
  • Supports cracking both owner and userpasswords.
  • Both wordlists and bruteforcing the password are supported.
  • Simple permutations (currently only trying first character as Upper Case).
  • Save and load a running job.
  • Simple benchmarking.
  • Optimised search for owner-password when user-password is known.

This program can be used in forensics investigations or similar activities, to legal password crack.

Installed size: 89 KB
How to install: sudo apt install pdfcrack

  • libc6

Password recovery tool for PDF-files

root@kali:~# pdfcrack -h
Usage: pdfcrack -f filename [OPTIONS]
-b, --bench		perform benchmark and exit
-c, --charset=STRING	Use the characters in STRING as charset
-w, --wordlist=FILE	Use FILE as source of passwords to try
-n, --minpw=INTEGER	Skip trying passwords shorter than this
-m, --maxpw=INTEGER	Stop when reaching this passwordlength
-l, --loadState=FILE	Continue from the state saved in FILENAME
-o, --owner		Work with the ownerpassword
-u, --user		Work with the userpassword (default)
-p, --password=STRING	Give userpassword to speed up breaking
			ownerpassword (implies -o)
-q, --quiet		Run quietly
-s, --permutate		Try permutating the passwords (currently only
			supports switching first character to uppercase)
-v, --version		Print version and exit

Updated on: 2022-Nov-16