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This is a transitional dummy package to plocate, it can be safely removed. Command-line options should generally be the same, so you can continue to use the locate(1) command as before with no ill effects.

Installed size: 15 KB
How to install: sudo apt install mlocate

  • plocate


plocate is a locate(1) based on posting lists, giving much faster searches on a much smaller index. It is a drop-in replacement for mlocate in nearly all aspects, and is fast on SSDs and non-SSDs alike.

Installed size: 522 KB
How to install: sudo apt install plocate

  • libc6
  • libgcc-s1
  • libstdc++6
  • liburing2
  • libzstd1

Find files by name, quickly

[email protected]:~# plocate -h
Usage: plocate [OPTION]... PATTERN...

  -b, --basename         search only the file name portion of path names
  -c, --count            print number of matches instead of the matches
  -d, --database DBPATH  search for files in DBPATH
                         (default is /var/lib/plocate/plocate.db)
  -i, --ignore-case      search case-insensitively
  -l, --limit LIMIT      stop after LIMIT matches
  -0, --null             delimit matches by NUL instead of newline
  -N, --literal          do not quote filenames, even if printing to a tty
  -r, --regexp           interpret patterns as basic regexps (slow)
      --regex            interpret patterns as extended regexps (slow)
  -w, --wholename        search the entire path name (default; see -b)
      --help             print this help
      --version          print version information


Generate index for plocate

[email protected]:~# plocate-build -h
Usage: plocate-build MLOCATE_DB PLOCATE_DB

Generate plocate index from mlocate.db, typically /var/lib/mlocate/mlocate.db.
Normally, the destination should be /var/lib/mlocate/plocate.db.

  -b, --block-size SIZE  number of filenames to store in each block (default 32)
  -p, --plaintext        input is a plaintext file, not an mlocate database
      --help             print this help
      --version          print version information


Update a database for plocate

[email protected]:~# updatedb.plocate -h
Usage: updatedb [OPTION]...
Update a plocate database.

  -f, --add-prunefs FS           omit also FS (space-separated)
  -n, --add-prunenames NAMES     omit also NAMES (space-separated)
  -e, --add-prunepaths PATHS     omit also PATHS (space-separated)
      --add-single-prunepath PATH  omit also PATH
  -U, --database-root PATH       the subtree to store in database (default "/")
  -h, --help                     print this help
  -o, --output FILE              database to update (default
  -b, --block-size SIZE          number of filenames to store
                                 in each block (default 32)
      --prune-bind-mounts FLAG   omit bind mounts (default "no")
      --prunefs FS               filesystems to omit from database
      --prunenames NAMES         directory names to omit from database
      --prunepaths PATHS         paths to omit from database
  -l, --require-visibility FLAG  check visibility before reporting files
                                 (default "yes")
  -v, --verbose                  print paths of files as they are found
  -V, --version                  print version information

The configuration defaults to values read from

Report bugs to [email protected]

Updated on: 2022-Nov-16