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Pnscan is a multi threaded port scanner that can scan a large network very quickly. If does not have all the features that nmap have but is much faster.

Installed size: 65 KB
How to install: sudo apt install pnscan

  • libc6

Multi threaded port scanning tool

root@kali:~# pnscan -h
Usage: pnscan [<options>] [{<CIDR>|<host-range> <port-range>} | <service>]

This program implements a multithreaded TCP port scanner.
More information may be found at:

Command line options:
	-h             Display this information.
	-V             Print version.
	-v             Be verbose.
	-d             Print debugging info.
	-s             Lookup and print hostnames.
	-i             Ignore case when scanning responses.
	-S             Enable shutdown mode.
	-l             Line oriented output.
	-w<string>     Request string to send.
	-W<hex list>   Hex coded request string to send.
	-r<string>     Response string to look for.
	-R<hex list>   Hex coded response string to look for.
	-L<length>     Max bytes to print.
	-t<msecs>      Connect/Write/Read timeout.
	-n<workers>    Concurrent worker threads limit.

root@kali:~# t_listen -h

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08