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polenum Usage Example

Get the password policy of the system by logging in with the provided username and password (victim:[email protected]) using SMB port 445 (445/SMB):

root@kali:~# polenum victim:[email protected] '445/SMB'

[+] Attaching to using victim:s3cr3t

    [+] Trying protocol 445/SMB...

[+] Found domain(s):

    [+] WIN7-X86
    [+] Builtin

[+] Password Info for Domain: WIN7-X86

    [+] Minimum password length: None
    [+] Password history length: None
    [+] Maximum password age: Not Set
    [+] Password Complexity Flags: 000000

        [+] Domain Refuse Password Change: 0
        [+] Domain Password Store Cleartext: 0
        [+] Domain Password Lockout Admins: 0
        [+] Domain Password No Clear Change: 0
        [+] Domain Password No Anon Change: 0
        [+] Domain Password Complex: 0

    [+] Minimum password age: None
    [+] Reset Account Lockout Counter: 30 minutes
    [+] Locked Account Duration: 30 minutes
    [+] Account Lockout Threshold: None
    [+] Forced Log off Time: Not Set

Packages and Binaries:


polenum is a Python script which uses the Impacket Library from CORE Security Technologies to extract the password policy information from a windows machine. This allows a non-windows (Linux, Mac OSX, BSD etc..) user to query the password policy of a remote windows box without the need to have access to a windows machine.

Installed size: 26 KB
How to install: sudo apt install polenum

  • python3
  • python3-impacket

Extracts the password policy from a Windows system

root@kali:~# polenum -h
usage: polenum [-h] [--username USERNAME] [--password PASSWORD]
               [--domain DOMAIN] [--protocols [PROTOCOLS ...]]

positional arguments:
  enum4linux            username:password@IPaddress

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --username USERNAME, -u USERNAME
                        The specified username
  --password PASSWORD, -p PASSWORD
                        The password of the user
  --domain DOMAIN, -d DOMAIN
                        The domain or IP
  --protocols [PROTOCOLS ...]
                        ['139/SMB', '445/SMB']

Updated on: 2024-Mar-11