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This package contains a post-exploitation framework that includes a pure-PowerShell2.0 Windows agent, and a pure Python Linux/OS X agent. It is the merge of the previous PowerShell Empire and Python EmPyre projects. The framework offers cryptologically-secure communications and a flexible architecture. On the PowerShell side, Empire implements the ability to run PowerShell agents without needing powershell.exe, rapidly deployable post-exploitation modules ranging from key loggers to Mimikatz, and adaptable communications to evade network detection, all wrapped up in a usability-focused framework.

Installed size: 152.34 MB
How to install: sudo apt install powershell-empire

  • python3
  • python3-bcrypt
  • python3-cryptography
  • python3-docopt
  • python3-donut
  • python3-dropbox
  • python3-flask
  • python3-flask-socketio
  • python3-humanize
  • python3-jinja2
  • python3-jq
  • python3-macholib
  • python3-netifaces
  • python3-openssl
  • python3-prompt-toolkit
  • python3-pycryptodome
  • python3-pydantic
  • python3-pydispatch
  • python3-pyinstaller
  • python3-pyminifier
  • python3-pymysql
  • python3-pyparsing
  • python3-pyperclip
  • python3-pyvnc
  • python3-requests
  • python3-setuptools
  • python3-simplejson
  • python3-sqlalchemy
  • python3-sqlalchemy-utc
  • python3-terminaltables
  • python3-tk
  • python3-urllib3
  • python3-websocket
  • python3-websockify
  • python3-xlrd
  • python3-xlutils
  • python3-yaml
  • python3-zlib-wrapper
[email protected]:~# powershell-empire -h
usage: [-h] {server,client} ...

positional arguments:
    server         Launch Empire Server
    client         Launch Empire CLI

  -h, --help       show this help message and exit

Updated on: 2022-Nov-16