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Princeprocessor is a password candidate generator and can be thought of as an advanced combinator attack. Rather than taking as input two different wordlists and then outputting all the possible two word combinations though, princeprocessor only has one input wordlist and builds “chains” of combined words. These chains can have 1 to N words from the input wordlist concatenated together. The name PRINCE is used as an acronym and stands for PRobability INfinite Chained Elements, which are the building blocks of the algorithm.

Installed size: 121 KB
How to install: sudo apt install princeprocessor

  • libc6

Standalone password candidate generator using the PRINCE algorithm

root@kali:~# princeprocessor -h
Usage: princeprocessor [options] [<] wordlist

* Startup:

  -V,  --version             Print version
  -h,  --help                Print help

* Misc:

       --keyspace            Calculate number of combinations

* Optimization:

       --pw-min=NUM          Print candidate if length is greater than NUM
       --pw-max=NUM          Print candidate if length is smaller than NUM
       --elem-cnt-min=NUM    Minimum number of elements per chain
       --elem-cnt-max=NUM    Maximum number of elements per chain
       --wl-dist-len         Calculate output length distribution from wordlist
       --wl-max=NUM          Load only NUM words from input wordlist or use 0 to disable
  -c,  --dupe-check-disable  Disable dupes check for faster initial load
       --save-pos-disable    Save the position for later resume with -s

* Resources:

  -s,  --skip=NUM            Skip NUM passwords from start (for distributed)
  -l,  --limit=NUM           Limit output to NUM passwords (for distributed)

* Files:

  -o,  --output-file=FILE    Output-file

* Amplifier:

       --case-permute        For each word in the wordlist that begins with a letter
                             generate a word with the opposite case of the first letter

Updated on: 2024-Feb-16