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This package contains a useful little tool that will generate a nice graphviz graph illustrating your reverse proxy flow. It takes a manually curated YAML file describing the topology of your network, proxy definitions, and optionally a collection of nmap output files for additional port/service information and output a graph in any format supported by graphviz.

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How to install: sudo apt install rev-proxy-grapher

  • python3
  • python3-netaddr
  • python3-nmap
  • python3-pydotplus
  • python3-yaml
root@kali:~# rev-proxy-grapher -h
usage: rev-proxy-grapher [-h] --topology TOPOLOGY [--resolve-dns]
                         [--nmap-xml NMAP_XML [NMAP_XML ...]]
                         [--limit-ext LIMIT_EXT [LIMIT_EXT ...]] [--font FONT]
                         [--fontsize FONTSIZE] [--ranksep RANKSEP] [--out OUT]

Draw a nice graph of your external to internal proxies

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --topology TOPOLOGY   File describing the proxies and the topology of your
                        networks (default: topology.yaml)
  --resolve-dns         Attempt to resolve DNS for all IPs (default: False)
  --nmap-xml NMAP_XML [NMAP_XML ...]
                        Get additional node details from these nmap XML scan
                        files (default: ())
  --limit-ext LIMIT_EXT [LIMIT_EXT ...]
                        Only include these source IPs or networks (default:
  --font FONT           Font to use in the graph (default: droid sans,dejavu
  --fontsize FONTSIZE   Font size to use in the graph (default: 11)
  --ranksep RANKSEP     Node separation between columns (default: 1)
  --out OUT             Write graph into this file, guessing the output format
                        by extension (default: graph.png)
  --verbose             Be more verbose (default: False)

Updated on: 2022-Nov-18