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This package contains a script to dump headers, sections, extract resources of win32 PE exe,dll,etc

Installed size: 2.41 MB
How to install: sudo apt install ruby-pedump

  • ruby
  • ruby-awesome-print
  • ruby-iostruct
  • ruby-multipart-post
  • ruby-rainbow
  • ruby-zhexdump
root@kali:~# pedump-ruby -h
Usage: pedump [options]
        --version                    Print version information and exit
    -v, --verbose                    Run verbosely
                                     (can be used multiple times)
    -q, --quiet                      Silent any warnings
                                     (can be used multiple times)
    -F, --force                      Try to dump by all means
                                     (can cause exceptions & heavy wounds)
    -f, --format FORMAT              Output format: bin,c,dump,hex,inspect,json,table,yaml
                                     (default: table)
    -S, --sections
    -s, --strings
    -R, --resources
    -I, --imports
    -E, --exports
    -V, --version-info
        --deep                       packer deep scan, significantly slower
    -P, --packer-only                packer/compiler detect only,
                                     mimics 'file' command output
    -r, --recursive                  recurse dirs in packer detect
        --all                        Dump all but resource-directory (default)

        --extract ID                 Extract a resource/section/data_dir
                                     ID: datadir:EXPORT     - datadir by type
                                     ID: resource:0x98478   - resource by offset
                                     ID: resource:ICON/#1   - resource by type & name
                                     ID: section:.text      - section by name
                                     ID: section:rva/0x1000 - section by RVA
                                     ID: section:raw/0x400  - section by RAW_PTR
        --va2file VA                 Convert RVA to file offset

    -W, --web                        Uploads files to a
                                     for a nice HTML tables with image previews,
                                     candies & stuff
    -C, --console                    opens IRB console with specified file loaded

Updated on: 2022-Dec-08