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Scrounge NTFS is a data recovery program for NTFS filesystems. It reads each block of the hard disk and try to rebuild the original filesystem tree into a directory.

This package is useful in forensics investigations.

Installed size: 50 KB
How to install: sudo apt install scrounge-ntfs

  • libc6

Helps retrieve data from corrupted NTFS partitions

root@kali:~# scrounge-ntfs --help
scrounge-ntfs: invalid option -- '-'
usage: scrounge-ntfs -l disk                                              
  List all drive partition information.                              
usage: scrounge-ntfs -s disk                                              
  Search drive for NTFS partitions.                                  
usage: scrounge-ntfs [-m mftoffset] [-c clustersize] [-o outdir] disk start end  
  Scrounge data from a partition                                     
  -m         Offset to mft (in sectors)                              
  -c         Cluster size (in sectors, default of 8)                 
  -o         Directory to put scrounged files in                     
  disk       The raw disk partitios (ie: /dev/hda)                   
  start      First sector of partition                               
  end        Last sector of partition                                

Updated on: 2023-Mar-08