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Sherlock relies on the site’s designers providing a unique URL for a registered username. To determine if a username is available, Sherlock queries that URL, and uses to response to understand if there is a claimed username already there.

Currently, the tool is capable of locating users on more than 300 social networks: Apple Developer, Arduino, Docker Hub, GitHub, GitLab, Facebook, BitCoinForum, CNET, IFTTT, Instagram, PlayStore PyPI, Scribd, Telegram, TikTok, Tinder etc.

Installed size: 169 KB
How to install: sudo apt install sherlock

  • python3
  • python3-certifi
  • python3-colorama
  • python3-openpyxl
  • python3-pandas
  • python3-requests
  • python3-requests-futures
  • python3-socks
  • python3-stem
  • python3-torrequest

Find usernames across social networks

root@kali:~# sherlock -h
usage: sherlock [-h] [--version] [--verbose] [--folderoutput FOLDEROUTPUT]
                [--output OUTPUT] [--tor] [--unique-tor] [--csv] [--xlsx]
                [--site SITE_NAME] [--proxy PROXY_URL] [--json JSON_FILE]
                [--timeout TIMEOUT] [--print-all] [--print-found] [--no-color]
                [--browse] [--local] [--nsfw]
                USERNAMES [USERNAMES ...]

Sherlock: Find Usernames Across Social Networks (Version 0.14.3)

positional arguments:
  USERNAMES             One or more usernames to check with social networks.
                        Check similar usernames using {?} (replace to '_',
                        '-', '.').

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --version             Display version information and dependencies.
  --verbose, -v, -d, --debug
                        Display extra debugging information and metrics.
                        If using multiple usernames, the output of the results
                        will be saved to this folder.
  --output OUTPUT, -o OUTPUT
                        If using single username, the output of the result
                        will be saved to this file.
  --tor, -t             Make requests over Tor; increases runtime; requires
                        Tor to be installed and in system path.
  --unique-tor, -u      Make requests over Tor with new Tor circuit after each
                        request; increases runtime; requires Tor to be
                        installed and in system path.
  --csv                 Create Comma-Separated Values (CSV) File.
  --xlsx                Create the standard file for the modern Microsoft
                        Excel spreadsheet (xslx).
  --site SITE_NAME      Limit analysis to just the listed sites. Add multiple
                        options to specify more than one site.
  --proxy PROXY_URL, -p PROXY_URL
                        Make requests over a proxy. e.g.
  --json JSON_FILE, -j JSON_FILE
                        Load data from a JSON file or an online, valid, JSON
  --timeout TIMEOUT     Time (in seconds) to wait for response to requests
                        (Default: 60)
  --print-all           Output sites where the username was not found.
  --print-found         Output sites where the username was found (also if
                        exported as file).
  --no-color            Don't color terminal output
  --browse, -b          Browse to all results on default browser.
  --local, -l           Force the use of the local data.json file.
  --nsfw                Include checking of NSFW sites from default list.

Updated on: 2024-Feb-16