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This package contains a modern, asynchronous, multiplayer & multiserver C2/post-exploitation framework powered by Python 3 and .NETs DLR. It’s the culmination of an extensive amount of research into using embedded third-party .NET scripting languages to dynamically call .NET API’s, a technique the author coined as BYOI (Bring Your Own Interpreter). The aim of this tool and the BYOI concept is to shift the paradigm back to PowerShell style like attacks (as it offers much more flexibility over traditional C# tradecraft) only without using PowerShell in anyway.

Some of the main features that distinguish SILENTTRINITY are: - Multi-User & Multi-Server - Supports multi-user collaboration. Additionally, the client can connect to and control multiple Teamservers. - Client and Teamserver Built in Python 3.7 - Latest and greatest features of the Python language are used, heavy use of Asyncio provides ludicrous speeds. - Real-time Updates and Communication - Use of Websockets allow for real-time communication and updates between the Client and Teamserver. - Focus on Usability with an Extremely Modern CLI - Powered by prompt-toolkit. - Dynamic Evaluation/Compilation Using .NET Scripting Languages - The SILENTTRINITY implant Naga, is somewhat unique as it uses embedded third-party .NET scripting languages (e.g. Boolang) to dynamically compile/evaluate tasks, this removes the need to compile tasks server side, allows for real-time editing of modules, provides greater flexibilty and stealth over traditional C# based payloads and makes everything much more light-weight. - ECDHE Encrypted C2 Communication - SILENTTRINITY uses Ephemeral Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange to encrypt all C2 traffic between the Teamserver and its implant. - Fully Modular - Listeners, Modules, Stagers and C2 Channels are fully modular allowing operators to easily build their own. - Extensive logging - Every action is logged to a file. - Future proof - HTTPS/HTTP listeners are built on Quart & Hypercorn which also support HTTP2 & Websockets.

Installed size: 4.89 MB
How to install: sudo apt install silenttrinity

  • python3
  • python3-aiocmd
  • python3-aiofiles
  • python3-aiosqlite
  • python3-aiowinreg
  • python3-asciitree
  • python3-asn1crypto
  • python3-blinker
  • python3-certifi
  • python3-cffi
  • python3-chardet
  • python3-click
  • python3-cryptography
  • python3-defusedxml
  • python3-docopt
  • python3-donut
  • python3-h11
  • python3-h2
  • python3-hpack
  • python3-hypercorn
  • python3-hyperframe
  • python3-idna
  • python3-itsdangerous
  • python3-jinja2
  • python3-ldap3
  • python3-markupsafe
  • python3-minidump
  • python3-minikerberos
  • python3-msldap
  • python3-multidict
  • python3-netifaces
  • python3-priority
  • python3-prompt-toolkit
  • python3-pyasn1
  • python3-pycparser
  • python3-pypykatz
  • python3-quart
  • python3-requests
  • python3-six
  • python3-sortedcontainers
  • python3-termcolor
  • python3-terminaltables
  • python3-toml
  • python3-typing-extensions
  • python3-urllib3
  • python3-wcwidth
  • python3-websockets
  • python3-wsproto
root@kali:~# silenttrinity -h
Usage: st [-h] [-v] (client|teamserver) [<args>...]

    -h, --help                   Show this help message and exit
    -v, --version                Show version

Updated on: 2022-Nov-18