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smbmap Usage Examples

Check for shares on the specified host with the username and password provided:

root@kali:~# smbmap -u victim -p s3cr3t -H
[+] Finding open SMB ports....
[+] User SMB session establishd on
[+] IP:   Name: win7-x86.lan
    Disk                                                    Permissions
    ----                                                    -----------
    ADMIN$                                              NO ACCESS
    C$                                                  NO ACCESS
    IPC$                                                NO ACCESS
    Users                                               READ ONLY

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SMBMap allows users to enumerate samba share drives across an entire domain. List share drives, drive permissions, share contents, upload/download functionality, file name auto-download pattern matching, and even execute remote commands. This tool was designed with pen testing in mind, and is intended to simplify searching for potentially sensitive data across large networks.

Installed size: 111 KB
How to install: sudo apt install smbmap

  • python3
  • python3-impacket
  • python3-pyasn1
  • python3-termcolor

SMB enumeration tool

root@kali:~# smbmap -h
usage: smbmap [-h] (-H HOST | --host-file FILE) [-u USERNAME]
              [-p PASSWORD | --prompt] [-s SHARE] [-d DOMAIN] [-P PORT] [-v]
              [--admin] [--no-banner] [--no-color] [--no-update]
              [--timeout SCAN_TIMEOUT] [-x COMMAND] [--mode CMDMODE]
              [-L | -r [PATH]] [-A PATTERN | -g FILE | --csv FILE]
              [--dir-only] [--no-write-check] [-q] [--depth DEPTH]
              [--exclude SHARE [SHARE ...]] [-F PATTERN] [--search-path PATH]
              [--search-timeout TIMEOUT] [--download PATH] [--upload SRC DST]
              [--delete PATH TO FILE] [--skip]

    ________  ___      ___  _______   ___      ___       __         _______
   /"       )|"  \    /"  ||   _  "\ |"  \    /"  |     /""\       |   __ "\
  (:   \___/  \   \  //   |(. |_)  :) \   \  //   |    /    \      (. |__) :)
   \___  \    /\  \/.    ||:     \/   /\   \/.    |   /' /\  \     |:  ____/
    __/  \   |: \.        |(|  _  \  |: \.        |  //  __'  \    (|  /
   /" \   :) |.  \    /:  ||: |_)  :)|.  \    /:  | /   /  \   \  /|__/ \
  (_______/  |___|\__/|___|(_______/ |___|\__/|___|(___/    \___)(_______)
     SMBMap - Samba Share Enumerator | Shawn Evans - [email protected]

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

Main arguments:
  -H HOST               IP of host
  --host-file FILE      File containing a list of hosts
  -u USERNAME           Username, if omitted null session assumed
  -p PASSWORD           Password or NTLM hash
  --prompt              Prompt for a password
  -s SHARE              Specify a share (default C$), ex 'C$'
  -d DOMAIN             Domain name (default WORKGROUP)
  -P PORT               SMB port (default 445)
  -v                    Return the OS version of the remote host
  --admin               Just report if the user is an admin
  --no-banner           Removes the banner from the top of the output
  --no-color            Removes the color from output
  --no-update           Removes the "Working on it" message
  --timeout SCAN_TIMEOUT
                        Set port scan socket timeout. Default is .5 seconds

Command Execution:
  Options for executing commands on the specified host

  -x COMMAND            Execute a command ex. 'ipconfig /all'
  --mode CMDMODE        Set the execution method, wmi or psexec, default wmi

Shard drive Search:
  Options for searching/enumerating the share of the specified host(s)

  -L                    List all drives on the specified host, requires ADMIN
  -r [PATH]             Recursively list dirs and files (no share\path lists
                        the root of ALL shares), ex. 'email/backup'
  -A PATTERN            Define a file name pattern (regex) that auto downloads
                        a file on a match (requires -r), not case sensitive,
                        ex '(web|global).(asax|config)'
  -g FILE               Output to a file in a grep friendly format, used with
                        -r (otherwise it outputs nothing), ex -g grep_out.txt
  --csv FILE            Output to a CSV file, ex --csv shares.csv
  --dir-only            List only directories, ommit files.
  --no-write-check      Skip check to see if drive grants WRITE access.
  -q                    Quiet verbose output. Only shows shares you have READ
                        or WRITE on, and suppresses file listing when
                        performing a search (-A).
  --depth DEPTH         Traverse a directory tree to a specific depth. Default
                        is 5.
  --exclude SHARE [SHARE ...]
                        Exclude share(s) from searching and listing, ex.
                        --exclude ADMIN$ C$'

File Content Search:
  Options for searching the content of files (must run as root), kind of experimental

  -F PATTERN            File content search, -F '[Pp]assword' (requires admin
                        access to execute commands, and PowerShell on victim
  --search-path PATH    Specify drive/path to search (used with -F, default
                        C:\Users), ex 'D:\HR\'
  --search-timeout TIMEOUT
                        Specifcy a timeout (in seconds) before the file search
                        job gets killed. Default is 300 seconds.

Filesystem interaction:
  Options for interacting with the specified host's filesystem

  --download PATH       Download a file from the remote system,
  --upload SRC DST      Upload a file to the remote system ex.
                        '/tmp/payload.exe C$\temp\payload.exe'
  --delete PATH TO FILE
                        Delete a remote file, ex. 'C$\temp\msf.exe'
  --skip                Skip delete file confirmation prompt


$ smbmap -u jsmith -p password1 -d workgroup -H
$ smbmap -u jsmith -p 'aad3b435b51404eeaad3b435b51404ee:da76f2c4c96028b7a6111aef4a50a94d' -H
$ smbmap -u 'apadmin' -p 'asdf1234!' -d ACME -Hh -x 'net group "Domain Admins" /domain'

Updated on: 2024-Mar-11