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sqlninja Usage Example

Connect to the target in test mode (-m t) with the specified config file (-f /root/sqlninja.conf):

root@kali:~# sqlninja -m t -f /root/sqlninja.conf
Sqlninja rel. 0.2.6-r1
Copyright (C) 2006-2011 icesurfer <[email protected]>
[+] Parsing /root/sqlninja.conf...
[+] Target is:
[+] Trying to inject a 'waitfor delay'....

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Fancy going from a SQL Injection on Microsoft SQL Server to a full GUI access on the DB? Take a few new SQL Injection tricks, add a couple of remote shots in the registry to disable Data Execution Prevention, mix with a little Perl that automatically generates a debug script, put all this in a shaker with a Metasploit wrapper, shake well and you have just one of the attack modules of sqlninja!

Installed size: 1.00 MB
How to install: sudo apt install sqlninja

  • libio-socket-ip-perl
  • libnet-dns-perl
  • libnet-pcap-perl
  • libnet-rawip-perl
  • libnetpacket-perl
  • perl
root@kali:~# sqlninja --help
/usr/bin/sqlninja version [unknown] calling Getopt::Std::getopts (version 1.13 [paranoid]),
running under Perl version 5.38.2.

Usage: sqlninja [-OPTIONS [-MORE_OPTIONS]] [--] [PROGRAM_ARG1 ...]

The following single-character options are accepted:
	With arguments: -m -f -p -w -u -d
	Boolean (without arguments): -g -v

Options may be merged together.  -- stops processing of options.
Space is not required between options and their arguments.
  [Now continuing due to backward compatibility and excessive paranoia.
   See 'perldoc Getopt::Std' about $Getopt::Std::STANDARD_HELP_VERSION.]
Usage: /usr/bin/sqlninja
	-m <mode> : Required. Available modes are:
	    t/test - test whether the injection is working
	    f/fingerprint - fingerprint user, xp_cmdshell and more
	    b/bruteforce - bruteforce sa account
	    e/escalation - add user to sysadmin server role
	    x/resurrectxp - try to recreate xp_cmdshell
	    u/upload - upload a .scr file
	    s/dirshell - start a direct shell
	    k/backscan - look for an open outbound port
	    r/revshell - start a reverse shell
	    d/dnstunnel - attempt a dns tunneled shell
	    i/icmpshell - start a reverse ICMP shell
	    c/sqlcmd - issue a 'blind' OS command
	    m/metasploit - wrapper to Metasploit stagers
	-f <file> : configuration file (default: sqlninja.conf)
	-p <password> : sa password
	-w <wordlist> : wordlist to use in bruteforce mode (dictionary method
	-g : generate debug script and exit (only valid in upload mode)
	-v : verbose output
	-d <mode> : activate debug
	    1 - print each injected command
	    2 - print each raw HTTP request
	    3 - print each raw HTTP response
	    all - all of the above
	...see sqlninja-howto.html for details

Updated on: 2024-Mar-11