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The tool resides [almost] entirely in user space on the victim aside from the pcap requirement.

Installed size: 49 KB
How to install: sudo apt install tundeep

  • libc6
  • libpcap0.8t64
  • zlib1g
root@kali:~# tundeep -h
tundeep: option requires an argument -- 'h'
Option -h error.
*** tundeep v1.0_20170728 by Adam Palmer <[email protected]> ***
Usage: tundeep <-i iface|[-t|-T] tapiface> <-h ip> <-p port> [-6] [-C] <-c|-s> [-x tapip] [-y tapmask] [-u tapmac] [-b bpf] [-d udp mode] [-e udp remote] [-K]

-6 IPv6 mode
-C compress mode
-K disable checksum
-a print all pcap devs
-b "bpf"
-i interface to bind to
-h IP to bind to/connect to
-p port to bind to/connect to
-c client mode
-s server mode
-d udp mode
-e udp peer
-t tap interface 
-T ipv6 tap interface 
-u tap mac 
-x if -t mode, set iface ip, if -T mode, set iface ipv6 ip
-y if -t mode, set iface mask, if -T mode, set iface ipv6 prefixlen

Updated on: 2024-May-23